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About Rev. Dr. Alfie Wines

Love, grace, and peace, Rev. Dr. Alfie Wines, Ph.D.

I am Hebrew Bible Scholar RevDr Alfie Wines! . . . I fell in love with the Bible in 1978 when I returned to church after a ten-year hiatus. That’s when I started taking my daughter to Sunday School. To my surprise, I loved the Adult Sunday School Class. When the teacher was absent and I got to lead the class, I loved it! How was I to know that my love for the Bible would become a lifetime passion that would lead me not only to Brite Divinity School and ordination, serving the church as a United Methodist Pastor, (one who currently is not-so-retired),but also to an M.Div. and a Ph.D. in Biblical Interpretation. Most recently, I served as the Sabbatical Pastor 2022 at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Arlington, TX. Why study with me? I bring a lifetime of personal, ecclesial, and academic study and teaching . . . "I’ve been described as “smart . . . funny. . . positive . . . honest . . . loving . . . nurturing . . . vulnerable . . .[a leader who listens] . . . reveal[s] the Bible so that it makes sense . . .makes it comfortable for us to ask questions [and] make comments.” People who study with me learn to think about the bible holistically.

Yes! Again and again, I've heard people say, "I've been in church all my life, but this is the first time I understand how things fit together.

I understand that because it was when I learned how the pieces fit that I movedfrom not just reading the Bible to studying and appreciating it in an entirelynew way.

About Bible Remix

Did you know, the Bible is the world's all-time bestseller. Yet, oftentimes, itsits on our shelves gathering dust, mainly because people don't know how to put the pieces together.

Bible Remix is a holistic approach to Bible Study that puts the pieces together, setsyou free and empowers transformation in all areas of your life: Faith, Family,Friends, Fitness, and Finances!!

Yes,Bible Remix will show you how to put the pieces together. It will open yourheart and mind to biblical treasures that will change your life forever!

We’llcover topics such as “How the Bible Came to Be,” “Reading Biblical Narrative,”“Reading Biblical Poetry,” “Different Voices and Different Views in the Bible”and so much more!!! . . . We’ll explore what it means to say, as Cain Hope Felderdid, that the Bible is a "multiethnic multicultural" book with a"universal" message. That's right, we'll delve into "The Whole Story, the Rest of the Story-TheGood, the Bad, and the Ugly" that makes the Bible such a magnificent text!Bible Remix is a year-long 3-part Introduction to the Bible.

• Part 1 – Introduction to the Bible.

• Part 2 -- Introduction to the Old Testament.

• Part 3 – Introduction to the New Testament.

Part 1 -- will meet live, Thursday evenings, Sept 8 - Nov 17, 7:00 PM CDT. . .Each week begins with me covering the week's topic in a private FB Group/YouTubefor about an hour.

Immediatelyfollowing, we’ll have a Bonus, Bible Table Talk on Zoom for Q & A. . . .On-Demand replays will be available in the FB Group and on YouTube . . .However, no replays will be available for the Zoom sessions.

Therewill be handouts and homework for each session! . . . Please note: The homeworkis helpful, but not required!

Thefee for the entire year is a single payment of $247 OR you can pay-as-you-go$97.00 for each part.

Registrationis now open. You can sign up anytime--either before or even after the classstarts on Sept 8

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- ​I've tried reading the Bible before. But it didn't fit into a nice storyline like I expected. So, I just gave up. ​

- Yes, I understand. Reading the Bible can leave you frustrated and stressed. The Bible Simplified will alleviate this stress. It will show you how the pieces of the bible fit together!


- I have lots of questions. Will I have an opportunity to ask them?

- ​Yes! The bonus, Bible Table Talk, will provide an opportunity for questions and discussion.


- Dr. Alfie, I know there are lots of approaches to reading theBible. What's important to you when you read the Bible?

- Great question!! . . . Ethics, i.e. to respect the humanity of every person, to love God, neighbor, and oneself is essential to my approach to reading the bible.


- You'll be ready to go to the next level in major areas of your life: faith, family, friends, fitness, or finances.


- ​You'll have a new understanding of the biblical text. You'll be ready to continue study and apply what you learn to


- ​I'm so glad!! . . . I can't wait to share this journey with you!

WHAT IF I MISS A CLASS? Not to worry!

​- Replays will be available of the class presentation in FB and/or YouTube.

- The bonus, Bible Table Talk, however, will not be available as replays.


- ​​​​I see there are 3 parts. Fantastic!! This will help me keep my promise to myself to spend a year studying the bible. I want to sign up for the entire year!

- Yes, of course! Perfect!!

​OH, DR. ALIFE! . . . I CAN'T WAIT!!

Fantastic . . .Neither can I!

YOU'LL BE . . .


- You will no longer just read reading the bible. You'll feel excited about doing the work of reading and studying the Bible, the world's all-time bestseller!


- You'll be happy because every aspect of your life will be aligned with who you are and how you want to live your life.


- You'll be so confident in yourself and in your reading and studying the bible that, once and for all, you'll ditch the stress and complexity of reading it.

AND YOU'LL . . .

- Learn to think about the bible differently. ​

- Learn a strategy for reading the bible that will provide new insights for living. ​

- Learn and lay a foundation for a successful life.


- Weekly presentations on FB and/or YouTube that introduce you to the Bible.

- ​Bonus 1 -- Bible Table Talk -- A weekly conversation on Zoom about the week's topic.

- Bonus 2 -- For the first 5 people who sign up, a 30-minute conversation with me regarding ONE of the following from my TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE: HOW TO BREAK THROUGH WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOUR HEART program:

     § Reframe Your Past,

     § Reclaim Your Present,

     § Re-envision Your Future




Love, grace, and peace,

Dr. Alfie Wines

I have never had a pastor who delivered the sermon extemporaneously without notesof any kind. Pastor Alfie’s sermons were soinformative and engaging that I took several notes each week. For example, Iwas not familiar with King David finding and seating Jonathan’s sonMephibosheth at his royal table each day. It was a heart-warming story that Ishared with family members and friends. Learning about many of the strong womenin the Bible was music to my ears! Thank you, Pastor Alfie for all that you do to blesseveryone with whom you come in contact. May God continue to bless youabundantly!

Ida Joiner

As a mother, I know the depth and joy of her love for your daughter, Tajiri. As a daughter, I know your honor and respect for your parents is a treasure. As a friend, your joyful ways and openness are uplifting. As a pastor, your dedication and fervour offershope and spiritual guidance. I found validation as a woman. I was doubting myself, but you filled me with HOPE and STRENGTH that has never left me. Dr. Alfie made a difference in my life.

Yolanda Cervantes

When Rev. Dr. Alfie Wines was Pastor at Grace UMC Arlington, TX she inspired me with her teaching and preaching. The most important thing I learned from her was to stay focused on my goals and trust God. She was warm with everyone she met. Also, she taught me the importance of telling the whole story, biblically and in our personal lives as well. She helped me understand that as you journey through life you need to connect the pieces and put the whole story of your life together. When all of those things connect, happy and sad, the story of your life makes a beautiful picture. She is a true inspiration to me and I love her very much.  

Fatima Parsons